What is you perfect session?  That's for us to find out together.  I offer 60 minute and ninety minute sessions that are customized around your time and your needs to make it all about you.  I have been doing massage full time for ten years and as a hobby for more than thirty and I'm well trained in an array of styles.  Every session combines my knowledge of Deep-tissue, Shiatsu, Tuina (Chinese Medical Massage), Acupressure, and Swedish massage.  And if what you need is a little bit closer to Thai Yoga that day then I can go there too.  I work with professional body builders and cancer survivors, retired athletes, artists and musicians.  If you are looking to heal from an injury, relax from work, repair years of damage from overuse or just keep the health that you have, I will work with you to help you achieve your health goals.  I'm also trained in Re-connective Therapy, a non-invasive spirit based approach to healing psychic wounds and Solfeggio Tunes, the use of sound and vibration to open up the bodymind to self healing.  I'm happy to include guided meditation and visualization into any session.  Remember, it's your perfect session!

Your Perfect Session of Llcensed Massage Therapy
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