I was very lucky to start working with expectant moms at the same time that I was in school receiving my training.  One of my classmates became pregnant early in the year and we were able to take her through her pregnancy from beginning to end.  It made me truly appreciate how much the mommy to be really can benefit from this work!  Since then I've worked with dozens of moms throughout their pregnancies and gotten additional training with Clarie Marie Miller and her Nurturing the Mother advanced training (see more at www.clairemariemiller.com) seminars.

Nurturing the Mother Pre-Natal Massage

Research has shown that pregnancy massage:

Helps control blood pressure
Strengthens the immune system
Affects the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, reducing stress on mother and child
Alleviates anxiety and depression
Strengthens labor and delivery muscles
Improves breathing and sleeping
Keeps skin supple to reduce stretch marks
Maintains body posture and balance
Enhances self-image
Shortens hospital stay
Reduces postpartum depression
Research provided by the Touch Research Institute of Miami www6..miami.edu/touch-research/

I offer Mama's massage at my Mid-City location as well as in the Northshore offices of Dr. Gary Agena, OB/GYN www.garyagenamd.com
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