I received my training from the developer of Fertility Massage, Claire Marie Miller www.clairemariemiller.com in Baltimore in 2013.  I had done much work with expectant mothers since my school days in 2004 but had not yet had the opportunity to do this.  I am truly excited to be of service! You (like I did) may be wondering how massage can be of help in the conception of a child?  Claire has spent decades in the field researching and honing her skills and has developed a specific protocol that preliminary results suggest has a 60% efficacy rate in aiding conception! This is much higher even than the success rates of all Artificial Reproductive Technologies (A.R.T.) with no side effects and a significantly cheaper cost.  It also combines beautifully with A.R.T. and can be beneficial to both male and female partners.  Intriqued? You can see videos of the massage and get loads more info and Claire's site but here are a few highlights.
Fertility massage uses acupressure points to stimulate relaxation and balance in the body.  Stress and poor overall health are major components in many couples struggles to get pregnant. 
Cranio-Sacral holds are also integrated to align the spine, skull and sacrum, making the mommy a better vessel for her sacred cargo.
Reflexology is used to stimulate healthy hormones, reduce stress, and balance the endocrine system.
Mayan Abdominal Massage helps to break down adhesions, scar tissue, and congestion surrounding the reproductive organs, making the "soil" fertile through increased pelvic circulation.
Castor oil packs, dietary advice, charting and reproductive health are all addressed for individual results.
Prayer, imagination, and visualization may also be a part of your session should that be a benefit to you.

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