Hi! I'm Jennifer and I appreciate your interest in me.  I am very dedicated to my practice and have been working full time as a Licensed Massage Therapist for ten years.  I received my training in Atlanta and moved here with my native born husband shortly after Katrina.  I LOVE what I do! So much so that I have gone back to school to continue my studies in Acupuncture and Nutrition.  I plan to graduate with a Master's in Acupuncture in August of 2016.  Until then I continue to offer acupressure combined with massage to keep you in vital health.
I am excited to introduce you to my brand of personal massage therapy tailored to your strengths and schedules. My primary office is located just off of I-10 near Canal St and Carrollton in Mid-City.  I've also joined the Northshore team of Dr. Gary Agena, OB/GYN in Arbor Walk Professional Park on Hwy21 in Madisonville. This location will serve as the center for Nurturing Fertility Massage and Mama's Massage as well as client training opportunities.  However, services are offered to all types of clientele at both convenient locations.

Please read on to find out how Kohl and I can help you learn to relax and reconnect with your own ability to balance and heal.
Jennifer Growden & Kohl
AMTA Registered and Nationally Certified Therapuetic Massage and Bodywork Therapist #516107-06
LA Licensed Massage Therapist #3924

Kohl, my lovely assistant
(Mid-City only)

Kohl, my Argentinian Dogo, in his habitual place as the health and wellness expert at the Mid-City studio

Please check back with us later for more developments!  We are just getting started.

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